Checks whether the path is valid. Valid path is a path that: - is not outside DECADENCE_DIR (default: templates/includes/decadence) - …

django_decadence.helpers.update(type_name='update_value', path='', value='', classname='', attribute_name='')

Pushes out content updates to user through our update channel.

  • type_name

    type of content update:

    • toggle_class - adds/remove given class from element, if value is
      true, it’s added
    • update_attribute - replaces html attribute value with given value
    • update_value - updates content of html element with given value
  • path – name of update group
  • value – new value
  • classname – name of class to be added/removed to element (optional)
  • attribute_name – name of attribute which value will be replaced (optional)